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We are happy to announce our self-made program named "Tax Residence Permits Package".

To use our "Tax Residence Permits Package" you have to receive the Residence permits of Lithuania (EU). Also you can obtain it for whole your family. But you can simply order the Residence Permits in Lithuania (European Union) for you and your family without making any business activities in Lithuania and simply enjoy the opportunities those could be received for EU-residents.

"Tax Residence Permits Package" includes:

-    preparation of all personal documents and corporate procedures for obtaining the Residence Permits in Lithuania (EU) for main applicant and members of his family by scheme 2+1 years.
-    providing full personal support up to getting the Residence Permits ID-Cards of applicant and his family "in hands".
-    providing all necessary procedures during 3-years validity of our client’s Tax Residence Permits activities in full accordance with Lithuanian and EU-laws.

The advantages of Tax Residence of Lithuania are:

-    You can live in any country of European Union (such as: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden) with the Residence Permits Card of Lithuania (EU).
-    Lithuania imposed a flat rate of 15% on personal income.
-    Corporate tax starts from 5%.
-    VAT from 0%.
-    Wide opportunities to use the Agreement about avoiding the double taxation.

Your benefits with "Tax Residence Permits Package":

-    our team will prepare all documents for Residence Permits including formation the company with all documentary procedures using our wide successful experience in migration affairs;
-    it is not necessary to visit Lithuania to start the migration procedures (but you will need to visit migration office personally in 2 months, we will assist in it);
-    you will receive the Residence Permits and Tax Residence in Lithuania (EU) for 3 years. The positive decision will be ready in 2-4 months;
-    these 3 years you will have no care about your Residence Permits process maintenance. All maintenance procedures will be under our professional control of our team.
-    there will be no extra expenses during 3-years period. All necessary payments that will be required in these three years are included and will be paid by our office (those expenses are included in our professional fees).
-    you will receive full legal support from our accountants and lawyers during this term for free.

Our professional fees for "Tax Residence Permits Package" is 59.000 eur. This amount includes the Residence Permits for whole family of main applicant (if it is needed). All expenses for your 3-years Residence Permits are included. If you would like to use any additional business activities in Lithuania or any country of European Union – there could be some additional charges. We will provide them for you by the smallest prices.

Please note that we require to receive our professional fees in advance in full. Only in this way we can provide our service for such a modest sum for our these 3-years support.

Contact our office to order our "Tax Residence Permits Package" now and we could provide it for you in shortest term!

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