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Now we can offer for our clients the opportunity to obtain the Lithuanian Citizenship and Lithuanian Passport.

Lithuania is a member of European Union, so its passport will provide to his owner wide opportunities. The holder of Lithuanian Passport can visit about 162 countries worldwide (including all countries of European Union, United Kingdom, Unites States, Canada and others). Also its holder can make his business worldwide, because the European Union provides strong support for his citizens around the world.

How can we provide such service:

We will start a process in Lithuanian court by our client request. As the evidence base we will use some articles in Lithuanian Civil Legislation about the granting the Lithuanian Citizenship (and passport) for the non-Lithuanian citizen in the simplified naturalization procedure. It means that our client will receive the Lithuanian Citizenship (passport) by the Court decision when it will be done. Our evidence base are in full accordance with the Lithuanian Civil Laws, so our client will receive the positive Court decision and he will receive the Lithuanian passport in 4-6 months (usually this term is needed for the Court Trial). Lithuanian Legislation allows this procedure and we are happy to provide it to our clients!

Our professional fees for court trial assistance is 39.000 eur. This amount includes all preliminary procedures to prepare the evidence base for our client and our support in the court as our client's advocate. Also please note that by this Court decision all close relatives of our client could have the right to obtain the Lithuanian citizenship (and passport) with our client too. Extra pay for each member of our client’s family is 2.400 eur.

The Legislation of Lithuania allows to have the dual citizenship, so there is not required to reject your current citizenship. Also your current country will NOT be informed that you got the second citizenship.

Please note that we require to receive our professional fees in advance in full. We must be sure that we could support the Court trial up to the moment when the positive decision will be published.

Now it is the best way with the lawyer's smallest fees to obtain the European Citizenship for whole family! Contact our office and order it now! And in 4-6 months you with your family will have the Lithuanian (European) Passport!

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