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New EU opportunity: BELGIUM Residence Permits. more information

We announce new migration opportunity in European Union: Belgium Residence Permits by business.

For our clients we will arrange:
- Belgium Residence Permits (Temporary) for 1 year,
- Full medicine insurance for 1 year;
- Confirmation of living address and office/mailing address for 1 year;
- Arrangement in nominal business activities for 1 year;
- Assistance to moving to Belgium;
- Full legal assistance for 1 year;
- Comfortable payment schedule (50% in advance and 50% after the Belgium Residence Permits will be granted);

The cost of our legal assistance to obtain the Belgium Residence Permits is 16 400 EUR for main applicant and 1 900 EUR for each member of his family. In these fees included all expenses for 1-year Residence Permits maintenance (taxes, insurance, rental of nominal office and living addresses, maintenance of nominal business activity and full legal support about other matters by this Residence Permits). Belgium Residence Permits will be granted in 2-3 months.

Benefits of Residence Permits in Belgium:
- Living and making business in one of the most comfortable country for living in the world;
- Freedom of moving and living in Belgium and European Union;
- Opportunity to receive the Belgium Citizenship in 3-4 years.




We announce migration opportunity in European Union: Lithuanian Citizenship.

We are the European Law Company based in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, with wide positive experience in migration matters. We focus exclusively on Court Trials in Lithuanian citizenship matters and provide full legal assistance to receive the European Citizenship in Lithuania. Lithuania is a part of European Union and its passport allow to visit about 166 countries (including USA, Canada, UK, EU, UAE, Australia, Japan) without visa worldwide. The holder of Lithuanian Passport can live in United Kingdom and in any country of Europe without any time limitation.

We will arrange a Court Trials for our clients. After this litigation the Lithuanian Citizenship will be granted to applicant. This citizenship procedures take 3-4 months. All procedures are in full accordance with European and Lithuanian Laws.

The costs of our professional assistance is 43 000 EUR for main applicant and 2 800 EUR for each member of his family. There are no any other expenses or investments up to receive the Lithuania Citizenship. We provide all DD and KYC procedures and when the applicant will pass all these actions he will receive the Lithuanian (European) Citizenship guaranteed.



Also arranging litigations we can provide such services:

- lifting of the ban on entry into the European Union and United Kingdom;
- solving problems with the consequences of deportation from European Union and United Kingdom;
- prolongation of legal status of Residence Permits in European Union and United Kingdom.
- renewal of documents (passports) that are overdue or on the verge of validity;
- individual legal services: the search for the possibility of urgent obtaining of citizenship in the countries concerned (including European Union and United Kingdom).

The costs of our legal assistance to solve the tasks noted above will be discussed.

We are the official registered European legal advisor and all our offers and actions are (and always will be) in full legal accordance with Lithuanian and European Civil and Migration Legislation.

NOTE: All actions and information that will be published by the third parties, which will contain slander and blame us in unlawful actions will be punished in full compliance with European legislation. We declare again: all our actions are in full accordance with Lithuanian and European Legislation.

Contact us and you could obtain the European Citizenship for you and your family in the shortest possible legal way!


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